Don't Duit

Drive Under Influence Texting

Don't Duit, Inc. is a non profit organization founded by Steve, who is a dad, marketing executive, and writer on social media and technology. Steve has spent much of his career working with global accounts in high tech, telecommunications, packaged goods, and social media. In addition, Steve has conducted research and spoken as an authority on issues associated with technology and etiquette.  

While conducting research on technology and etiquette, Steve felt compelled to dive deeper into safety and technology. In particular, when Steve wrote, "Technology etiquette and safety: the times they are a changin- however," he discovered that despite some laws being implemented in 20% of the states, society is in the midst of a deadly epidemic. Unfortunately, behavior has not been changing swiftly and with each passing day more lives are endangered and even lost. Laws are a deterrent for some but it is up to individuals to truly change behavior.


To be clear, Don't Duit is not about banning mobile devices. We love and embrace technology for it makes us productive, better informed, keeps us connected, and adds value to our lives. Don't Duit is about being informed, responsible, and preventing misuse.    


Whether one uses an iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, or any cell phone or mobile device, we all must be informed and do better. Whether one drives an SUV, compact car, truck or any automobile, it is up to us to drive responsibly. Let's not forget that driving is a privilege and not a right.


If you are with someone texting while driving or know of someone texting and driving, speak up and tell them Don't Duit! It is cool to say, "Don't Duit." It is very uncool to see a friend, loved one or someone you don't even know get hurt due to irresponsible driving. We have done better in expressing, "Don't drink and drive." Now it's time to do better in driving home the notion of "Don't Duit."  


It does not matter which mobile device you own, what matters is being responsible and not causing harm to yourself or others.

Driving under the influence of texting kills people...

Don't Duit!